Vol 4 No 3 (2023)
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B. V. Kryzhanovsky, V. I. Egorov
Critical Variables of the Spin Model on The Complete Graph in the Presence of Antiferromagnetic Interaction
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I. V. Bychin, A. V. Gorelikov, A. V. Ryakhovskij
Dynamic Simulation of the Hydromagnetic Dynamo Behavior in a Rotating Spherical Layer under Various Initial Conditions
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T. N. Sadykov, V. A. Galkin, D. A. Morgun
Using Python for Numerical Solution of the Heat Equation Initial Boundary Value Problems and Visualization
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O. P. Bobrovskaya, T. V. Gavrilenko
Simulation of Mixed Traffic Flows
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A. D. Smorodinov, T. V. Gavrilenko, A. A. Rassadin
Applicability of Convoluted Neural Networks to the Dataset Fitting Problem
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G. V. Gazya, A. Yu. Kukhareva, E. G. Melnikova, N. F. Gazya
Ergodicity as a Basic Problem of Life Science
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B. A. Bogatykh
The Nature of the Psychic and the Paradigm of the Numerical Field
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V. F. Nikitin, E. I. Skryleva, A. N. Manakhova
Effects of the Fluid Flow Front Instability as It Passes through a Porous Medium under Reduced Gravity and with Chemical Interactions between the Phases
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P. N. Anokhin
Statistical Vulnerability of Mean Prices in Automated Constant Product Market Makers
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A. Ya. Bigun, V. V. Ryzhakov, L. V. Vladimirov, Yu. E. Drozdova
Accurate Estimation of Energy Losses in Power Lines Considering the Resistance Variation in Time
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A. Yu. Kukhareva, E. G. Melnikova, I. A. Baituev, M. A. Filatov
Is there a Relationship Between “Many-Worlds Interpretation” and “Many Minds Interpretation” in Biocybernetics?
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