Critical Variables of the Spin Model on The Complete Graph in the Presence of Antiferromagnetic Interaction
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phase transitions
layered media
critical temperature
antiferromagnetic material
complete graph

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Kryzhanovsky B.V., Egorov V.I. Critical Variables of the Spin Model on The Complete Graph in the Presence of Antiferromagnetic Interaction // Russian Journal of Cybernetics. 2023. Vol. 4, № 3. P. 7-18. DOI: 10.51790/2712-9942-2023-4-3-01.


we studied the spin system on the complete graph consisting of two interacting subensembles. The spins that belong to the same ensemble have ferromagnetic interactions; the inter-ensemble interactions are antiferromagnetic. We introduced the “balanced system” term, which defines the equality of the number of the nearest neighbors for spins of different sub-ensembles. It is shown that the critical variables and the scaling function are different from the classical ones of the unbalanced system. These results are confirmed by the Monte-Carlo simulation of the 3D layered spin model for both balanced and unbalanced systems.
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