Russian Journal of Cybernetics

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Vol 3 No 3 (2022)
Published September 30, 2022
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V. A. Galkin, D. A. Morgun
Modeling and Visualization of Particle Trajectories Driven by an Asymmetric Potential
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N. N. Smirnov, V. F. Nikitin, E. I. Skryleva, R. R. Fakhretdinova
Simulation of Fracking Fracture Cleaning as Oil Is Displaced from the Fracking Fracture Region
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V. F. Nikitin, E. I. Skryleva, M. N. Makeeva, A. N. Manahova
Simulation of Unstable Viscous Fluid Displacement from Porous Medium Considering Inter-Phase Chemical Interactions
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S. A. Maksudova, A. V. Gavrilenko
Efficient Paths for UAV-Based Gas Pipeline Leak Detection
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R. A. Chirko, N. R. Urmantseva
Noninvasive Examination Analysis System for Cardiovascular Surgeon / Phlebologist Decision-Making Support
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G. E. Deev, S. V. Ermakov
Bi-Infinite Calculating Automaton
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P. V. Mikheyev, S. V. Bukharov, A. K. Lebedev, S. V. Tashchilov
3D Reinforcement Arrangements for Carbon-Carbon Composite Multilayer Fiber Preforms
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N. V. Zamyatin, G. V. Smirnov, V. I. Makovkin
Neural Network-Based Sensor Calibration for Micro and Nanoelectronics Applications
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B. A. Bogatykh
Key Principles of Fractal-Holographic Nature of Living Matter Oscillations as New Approach to the Essence of Life
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K. A. Khadartseva, O. E. Filatova
New Understanding of Steady States in Biological Systems
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M. I. Zimin, V. F. Pyatin, M. A. Filatov, L. S. Shakirova
What do Zadeh’s Fuzziness and Weaver’s Complexity Have in Common in Cybernetics?
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