Editorial board member

Prof. Iakobovski

Mikhail Vladimirovich

Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Science (Phys&Math), Professor, Deputy Director for Research, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics (IAM), head of the Department of Software for High-Performance Computing Systems and Networks, Professor of the basic Department of Mathematical Modeling, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Profesor of the Department of Computational Methods, Lomonosov Moscow State Univevrsity.

Prof. M. Iakobovski’s areas of expertise are the development of parallel algorithms and modeling software for solving basic and applied problems in mathematical physics and continuum dynamics with high-performance computing systems.

Prof. M. Iakobovski has proposed a model of a unified computing system which is able to solve a wide range of problems using meshes with over 109 nodes. It runs on high-teraflop computers and metacomputers. He has also supervised the development of a distributed visualization system. It supports interactive analysis of large simulation experiment results performed with advanced high-performance computing systems. He has developed a dynamic CPU balancing algorithm that enables coordinated, iterative processing of many interdependent jobs arbitrarily distributed over a multiprocessor system’s cores. The algorithm is intended to simulate different-scale processes such as problems of burning when the time of running each elementary job is significantly and unpredictably differs from job to job, and from iteration to iteration.

Prof. M. Iakobovski is a member of the Editorial Board, Supercomputing frontiers and innovations (SuperFrI), a member of programming committees for a number of international conferences.

Mathematics Prof. Iakobovski is a leader of six pilot projects and one basic research project supported by RBRF. He was a co-leader of a project by the International Research and Engineering Center, and a joint Skolkovo project.

Prof. M. Iakobovski has developed the Introduction to Parallel Algorithms online course. He has been a scientific adviser to 6 PhD (Phys&Math) students. In 2009 one of his students was awarded a RAS medal and a prize for young scientists for the research Fluid Dynamics and Air Acoustics Problems Simulation with High-Performance Computing Systems.

Prof. M. Iakobovski has published over 80 research and educational papers.

 Major Publications

 In Russian

1.         Bondarenko А. А., Iakobovski М. М. Fault Modeling in High-Performance Computing Systems under the MPI Standard and Its ULFM Extension // Bulletin of South Ural State University: Computational Mathematics and Software Engineering. 2015. Vol. 4. No.  3. P. 5-12.

2.         Bondarenko А. А., Iakobovski М. V. Fault Modeling in High-Performance Computing Systems under the MPI Standard // Parallel Computing Technology (PCT 2015). International Conference Proceedings (March 31– April 2, 2015, Yekaterinburg). Chelyabinsk : SUSU University Press, 2015. P. 365-369.

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In English

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