Editorial board member




Director for Research (1st class),

National Research Center,

Advanced Mathematics Research Institute, Strasbourg University,


Strasbourg, France


Fields of interest: Geometry and topology of low dimensions, complex analysis, metric geometry, combinatorial group theory, dynamical systems, history of mathematics, mathematics and music theory. More than 100 publications, including several books.



1981 Engineer degree, Central School, Paris.

1983 Ph.D. in mathematics, Paris Sud University (Orsay).

1989 Doctor of Science in mathematics, Paris Sud University (Orsay).



1983-84 Assistant Professor, Paris Sud University (Orsay).

Since October 1984: Full-time researcher at the National Scientific Research Center (CNRS).



December 1983: Geneva University.

June 1983: University of Florence.

1984-85: Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton).

April 1985: Mathematical Sciences Research Institute  (MSRI, Berkeley).

April-June 1986: National Autonomous Mexican University (UNAM, Mexico).

November & December 1986: University of Pisa.

February to June 1988: Max-Planck Institute, Bonn.

February to May 1989: University of Southern California (Los Angeles).

April to June 1990: Max-Planck-Institute (Bonn).

February 1991: University of Florence.

1993-94: Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton).

July to September 1994: Max-Planck Institute, Bonn.

March and April 2003: University of Florence.

March to May 2006 and September 2006: Max-Planck Institute, Bonn.

April 2006: Center for Topology and Quantization of Moduli Spaces (CTQM) (Aarhus).

January-February 2009 and July-August 2009: Max-Planck Institute, Bonn.

October 2009: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Lausanne).

May 2010: Hausdorff Mathematics Institute, Bonn.

April and May 2011: Max-Planck-Institute, Bonn.

January 2011: City University of Osaka.

April and May 2011: Max-Planck Institute, Bonn.

February to April 2013: Erwin Schrödinger Institute (Vienna).

January 2014: Erwin Schrödinger Institute (Vienna).



A. Papadopoulos is the editor of the following books; in each of them he is a co-author, sometimes of several chapters:

1.         Handbook of Teichmüller Theory. Volume I (2006, Volume II (2008), Volume III (2012), Volume IV (in press), Volume V (in preparation). European mathematical society.

2.         Papadopoulos A., Dal'Bo F., Link G., Herrlich F., Marché J., Petronio C., Matveev S., Schröder V. Master-Class of Geometry. A collection of courses by N. A'Campo. Zurich : European mathematical society, 2012.

3.         Leonhard Euler: a Mathematician, Physicist, and a Musical Theorist. Bailhache P., Foata D., Hascher X., Hellegouarch Y., Houzel Ch., Jedrzejewski F., Jehel P., Théret G., Kleinert A., Knobloch E., Théret Ch., Nicolas F., Papadopoulos A./ Co-editor X. Hascher. National Scientific Research Center (CNRS).

4.         Caddeo R., Jehel P., Hascher X., Papadopoulos H., Papadopoulos A. The Collected Musical Works of Euler. Paris : Hermann, collection GREAM.

5.         Handbook of Hilbert Geometry / Co-editor M. Troyanov. Zurich : European Mathematical Society, 2014. 460 p.

6.         The Lambert Theory of Parallels. Critical edition with English translation and mathematical and historical commentary / Co-editor Blanchard. Paris : College of Historical Sciences, 2014.

7.         Handbook of Group Actions / Co-editors Lizhen Ji, S. T. Yau : in 2 volumes. Higher Education Press, 2014.

8.         Lie and Klein: The Erlangen program and its impact on mathematics and physics / Co-editor Lizhen Ji. Zurich : European Mathematical Society Publishing House, 2015. 348 p.



9.         Papadopoulos A., Coornaert M., Delzant T. Geometry and Group Theory: Hyperbolic Gromov Groups.  Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol. 1441. Springer Verlag, 1990.

10.     Papadopoulos A., Coornaert M. Symbolic Dynamics and hyperbolic Groups. Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol. 1539. Springer Verlag, 1993.

11.     Lobachevsky's Pangeometry. Critical edition, with translation and mathematical commentary, Heritage of European Mathematics, Vol. 4. European Mathematics Publishing House, 2010, 322 p.

12.     Metric Spaces, Convexity and Nonpositive Curvature. Second augmented edition. Zürich : European Mathematical Society, 2013.  300 p.

13.     Rigid Actions of the Mapping Class Group. Center for Topology and Quantization of Moduli  Spaces. CTQM Master-Class series. Zurich : European Mathematical Society Publishing House, 150 p.