Artificial Intellect with Artificial Neural Networks
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artificial intelligence
brain neural networks
system synthesis
the Eskov-Zinchenko effect

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Eskov, V. M., Filatov, M. A., Gazya, G. V., & Stratan, N. F. (2021). Artificial Intellect with Artificial Neural Networks. Russian Journal of Cybernetics, 2(3), 44-52.


Currently, there is no single definition of artificial intelligence. We need a Such categorization of tasks to be solved by artificial intelligence. The paper proposes a task categorization for artificial neural networks (in terms of obtaining subjectively and objectively new information). The advantages of such neural networks (non-algorithmizable problems) are shown, and a class of systems (third type biosystems) which cannot be studied by statistical methods (and all science) is presented. To study such biosystems (with unique samples) it is suggested to use artificial neural networks able to perform system synthesis (search for order parameters). Nowadays such problems are solved by humans through heuristics, and this process cannot be modeled by the existing artificial intelligence systems.
PDF (Russian)


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