Research Community Analytic Tool Based on Topic Modeling and Network Analysis
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research community
machine learning
natural language processing
network analysis
co-authorship graph

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Devitsyn I.N., Savin I.V. Research Community Analytic Tool Based on Topic Modeling and Network Analysis // Russian Journal of Cybernetics. 2020. Vol. 1, № 4. P. 13-21. DOI: 10.51790/2712-9942-2020-1-4-2.


The study presents a new research community analytical tool based on topic modeling and methods from graph theory. The results of the proposed approach are presented for Scopusindexed publications by the authors affiliated with Surgut State University in 1995–2021. The tool makes it possible to determine the key research areas, identify the leading research teams in certain areas and analyze the relationships between these teams. The paper includes the distribution of publications over time, nine main areas of publications, and a range of metrics for the coauthorship graphs of the studied dataset. In the future, the tool can be applied to assess the potential of research organizations, select the research areas, and identify the leading research teams and researchers in promising areas.
PDF (Russian)


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